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Old and busted…new hotness.

Lily with her junior soldier promise. I am a proud dad!

The newest junior soldier in The Salvation Army! (She’s also wearing her Sunbeam sash.)

Even Lily and David are helping sort food from the postal food drive.

Nothing melts the heart like hearing “I want to be like you dad.”


A few days ago my wife and I wrote tweets urging folks to boycott publications that buy photos of celebrities’ children without the consent of their parents (paparazzi generated pics). We got a myriad of responses, ranging from heartfelt solidarity to vitriolic rage. The overwhelming majority was…

Good thoughts from Dax Shepard on celebrity stalking when it comes to their children.  It’s easy to look at celebrities and view their private lives as fair game, but they are people just like everyone else and deserve to have their privacy.  I couldn’t imagine people taking pictures of me when I run to the gas station in my pajama pants to buy a gallon of milk, and I don’t know why people would be interested in a picture of a celebrity doing the same.

Having some ice cream (or frozen custard if you’re being technical) with my favorite little man.

My junior snow shoveler has an interesting technique.

Ready for guitar class.